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Judo is an exciting and dynamic combat sport. It demands mental discipline and physical power. From standing, techniques are practised to throw and pin your opponent to the ground, controlling them and as you enter senior judo: chokeholds and joint locks until the point of submission.

There are no kicks or punches in judo, nor pressure on the joints to throw. Judo uses no weapons.

Judo is simply two individuals gripping each others uniforms using balance, power and movement to beat their opponent. 

Judo is great for fun and fitness as well as meeting new people. It can also be competitive, should you wish to compete. Judo is also an olympic sport!

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Kodokan Judo was founded by Dr Jigoro Kano, who was practising Jujutsu as a way to strengthen his weak body.

He studied classical styles of Jujutsu and mastered the deepest teaching. He combined this with his own ideas to make a revised body of physical technique. He transformed the traditional jujutsu principle of 'defeating strength through flexibility' into a new principle of 'maximum efficient use of physical and mental energy'.

The result was a new theoretical and technical system that Kano felt better matched the needs of modern people.

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The martial art of Judo was introduced to Europe by Gunji Koizumi in 1918 at the Budokwai, London. It started with 12 members. 

Dr Jigoro Kano visited the club in 1920 for the first time. Tanabe was the club's first black belt.

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